Stripy Squad (7-11 years old)

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Stripy Squad is where it all begins for our 7- 11 year old sailors. This is by far our most popular course. Stripy Squad uses plastic Ozi Optis with rainbow striped sails which are provided by SSCBC for the duration of the course. There are three levels to complete before stepping up to Team Sorrento.

Stripy Squad Level 1

Level 1 is just the beginning of your child’s love of being on the water and is for children aged 7 years and above who have never sailed before or would like to refresh their sailing skills before moving onto the next level. The course focuses on learning the basics of wind, safety and the parts of a boat while finding the balance of fun. Stripy Squad 1 usually takes one course to complete, although we have many little sailors who do this course again to iron out their nerves and to ensure they feel comfortable on the water before moving into level 2.

Stripy Squad Level 2

Our instructors will do a refresher of the core skills learnt in Level 1, followed by a build up to Level 2 standard with our main focus on gripping the tiller, body position and mainsheet. Stripy Squad Level 2 usually requires 20 hours of course time to progress to Level 3.


Stripy Squad Level 3

This is the final level before joining Team Sorrento. Building further on the core skills learnt in Levels 1 and 2, having fun is still a big priority, Stripy Squad Level 3 requires sailors to demonstrate core sailing skills in an intermediate breeze. Level 3 requires at least 20 hours of instruction, yet like all of our courses, we welcome the kids to continue with additional courses at this level to ensure their boat handling skills and confidence is on the right pathway.

SSCBC focuses on each child which ensures we find the right balance with keeping friends together and progressing with the skills needed for each level. Further to our Stripy Squad, we also provide the opportunity to run private lessons to bring kids up to the required standard to enter for Team Sorrento.

“With three kids of varying ages, our experiences of Cara na Mara, Sail and Play, as well as the bigger fleets this season have been simply outstanding. The kids had such fun. They could really relate to so many of the coaches, who somehow managed to keep them engaged no matter what the weather or water threw at them! Aside from the skills and determination that we saw growing as the season went on, the camaraderie on and off water was wonderful to see and the resulting friendships will be lifelong.” Chris Williamson.
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