Cara na Mara (5-7 Years)

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The first step to sailing at SSCBC is Cara na Mara, meaning “Friends of The Sea”. The primary aim is to introduce young sailors to the water (and boating in general) in a controlled, safe and fun environment. This course is four days long and each session is two hours.

Our little sailors will be with our instructors the entire time where they will have fun whilst learning new skills. Each day an instructor will focus on a learning area: where they should put their body weight, what the mainsheet does and how the tiller works. The day starts off with ice breaker games, followed by on water activities. If weather permits, the kids do a boat trip to the seal hut. The student/instructor ratio is 3:1. 

“Our daughter, Francesca, stared at Cara na Mara very young and has progressed through Sail & Play each holidays. Now 7, she is confident in a boat solo and has had a huge amount of fun along the way, making friends and developing resilience. Under Dave White’s stewardship, the program is well organised and packed with brilliant young instructors.” Christine Fleer.